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Discover the breakthrough power of algae-based food, nutrition and specialty ingredients.

Food Ingredients

AlgaVia® Whole Algae Ingredients open a new world of possibilities in rich taste, enticing texture, high nutrition and environmental sustainability that today’s consumers demand.
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AlgaWise® Algae Oils give food formulators the power to deliver an unprecedented combination of taste-wise flavors, health-wise nutrition, and earth-wise sustainability.
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Consumer Food

Thrive® Culinary Algae Oil gives home cooks and professional chefs alike the power to take a great leap forward in healthy cooking with a new oil that brings goodness to heart, kitchen and planet.

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Aquaculture and Animal Nutrition

AlgaPrimeTM DHA brings the amazing power of algae to the aquaculture industry with a traceable, sustainable, high-quality alternative to fish oil, available now.

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Specialty Personal Care

GoldenChlorellaTM and AlgaPürTM Algae Oils deliver strong cosmetic benefits to skin and hair, for high performance personal care products.

"The idea that these algae-based products can significantly improve the total health benefits – decrease calories, decrease saturated fat, decrease cholesterol – without compromising taste is really exciting to me. I think that’s the way of the future - these stable of products are potentially so disruptive because the innovation can help make foods that we already love, better for us and better for the planet."

Melina Jampolis

Internist and Board certified physician nutrition specialist, diet and fitness expert for CNNHealth.com, President, National Board of Physician Nutrition Specialist

"TerraVia is giving reality to what was once a great dream -- that I can eat better and be better because of what I’m eating, and I can do it without damaging the planet. There are not many things that can do that."

Lord Deben

Chairman of the UK's independent Committee on Climate Change

"I’ve been baking for over 17 years and have never seen an ingredient like TerraVia’s lipid rich powder. It allows me to bake healthier, more nutritious treats by replacing eggs, dairy fats and oil. And whether it’s lemon bars and chocolate cupcakes or my favorite frostings, the results are amazingly delicious, with exactly the consistency I’m looking for. "

Marisa Churchill

Celebrity Chef and Nutritionist

"Algae oil is one of the most exciting innovations I’ve seen in the oil category. By cooking with an oil that has a better fat profile, culinary performance and sustainability footprint, consumers and manufacturers alike will be able to take some big steps on achieving a better (and healthier) food system."

Jack Davis

Former CEO of Ventura Foods


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